Catch up on the latest AI articles

Catch up on AI articles


AI-SCHOLAR is a medium to introduce the latest papers on AI in an easy-to-understand manner.

AI-SCHOLAR is a commentary media that introduces the latest articles on AI (artificial intelligence) in an easy-to-understand manner.

The role of AI is not limited to technological innovation, as Japan's scientific capabilities are declining and the government continues to cut back on research budgets.

Communicating to the
world the technology of AI, its applications, and the context of the basic science that supports it is an important outreach, and can
greatly influence society's understanding and impression of science.

AI-SCHOLAR is designed to
help eliminate the
gaps in understanding of AI between the general public and experts, and to contribute to the integration of AI into society.

In addition, we would like to
help you embody your learning and research experiences in the
media and express them in society.

Anyone can explain advanced and difficult matters in difficult terms, but
AI-SCHOLAR pursues "readability" and "comprehensibility" by making
full use of vocabulary and design in conveying information as a medium.