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Team Members

  • Tomoki MORIKAWA

    Head of AI Strategy Office| AI-SCHOLAR Editor-in-Chief

    Born in 1992. He was working on IoT x helthcare at Keio University. Feeling overwhelmed by the burden of researching prior papers and following trends in other areas of technology, he started AI-SCHOLAR as a medium for translating AI-related papers in an easy-to-understand manner. Anyone can explain advanced and esoteric matters in difficult terms, but AI-SCHOLAR uses vocabulary and design to achieve "readability" and "clarity" in conveying information as a medium.

  • Kazuma ENOMOTO

    AI Strategy Office| AI-SCHOLAR Editor/New Business Manager

    I was born in 1994. I have specialized in AI x medical at university. In my personal life, I worked on projects with companies, developing and planning a wide range of AI-based technologies. That's why I joined AI-SCHOLAR, drawing on my extensive knowledge of AI, not only in AIxmedicine, but also in language and speech. Currently, I am responsible for reviewing articles, streamlining operations, and planning new classes at AI-SCHOLAR.


    AI Strategy Office| Editorial and AI Director

    M.A., University of Tokyo July 2019 Joined AI-SCHOLAR as an intern. Responsible for article writing management and other tasks. Her research interests include condensed matter physics and human interfaces.

  • Takaaki YOSHITAKE

    AI Strategy Office| AI-SCHOLAR Editor

    Born in 1997. Master's degree from Waseda University. Currently researching reinforcement learning; interested in projects related to the IT domain, he joined the AI-SCHOLAR editorial team in December 2019 and is mainly responsible for its management.