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A Part-time Job In A Lab? A Part-time Job You Can Do At Home?WANTED An AI Thesis Commentary Writer!

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A part-time job in a lab? A part-time job you can do at home?WANTED an AI thesis commentary writer!

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Wanted for "AI-SCHOLAR," a media outlet for
AI research papers with the concept of "catching up on the latest AI papers"!

Mr. Tabata, who has over 220,000 followers on Twitter, and has worked for such prestigious companies as Recruit, Livedoor, Line, and ZOZO, writes in his book "The Textbook for Future Corporate Employees" like this.
There's no point in having vague input. Read the book with output assumptions.

The corona has prevented us from going outside and we are at home, so let's not waste it, but let's help ourselves.

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Writing commentary articles on the latest AI papers This is a job for you to write articles on articles you read in your research.
You can write a signed article and link it to your company or blog.
You can use it for your personal branding or increase your visibility.

To begin with, AI (especially deep learning) is developing technology and is evolving at a rapid pace. A variety of papers are published every day, and the changes are so rapid that the "latest methods" can change in a few weeks.

On the other hand, there is an asymmetry in the use of AI in business, and many people say that they do not know what is really going on. The lack of understanding of AI technology on the business side has prevented it from leading to true problem solving and innovation. We are seeing more and more opportunities to take advantage of the boom and look at lesser-performing AI services and products. In addition, we are beginning to see some skepticism about its future growth potential.

This site will help you learn about the possibilities of AI, get you excited, get you thinking, and get you thinking about the future. We hope that this website will provide a "little opportunity" for people to deepen their understanding of the possibilities of AI, and to get them excited, thinking, and thinking about the future.

AI-SCHOLAR is currently looking for writers who share our vision.

If you have ever felt that "I can write better content than this," we are looking for people who share this vision. Please knock on the AI-SCHOLAR writer's door if you have ever felt "I could write better contents," even once.

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